Omg Mal everyone is so happy about the photos, they are amazing. Thank you both so much!!!!!

Justine Donohue

Phoenix Netball Club

Love love love Mal and Kellie’s pics. We’ve had engagement, wedding, pregnancy, 2 new born shoots, mum’s 60th birthday photos and soon to do christening with Leiden studios. Apart from the photos being awesome, it really is fun and comfortable the whole time. Recommend them to everyone I know that’s wanting professional photos done.

Renee Lehmann

Superb, fantastic easy going couple who do wicked work an absolutely love what they do. Kellie and Mal work so well as a team, an individually artistic. I will never forget Mal’s school girl dance and giggle he did when he gets that perfect shot. Thank you for paying attention to detail, and for having 2 people that do not do photos so relaxed and very at ease. Thank you so very much 🙂

Chonny Vidler