Professional Photographic Standards.

An interesting question for the multitude of “professional photographers” out there is the simple question, “What is the difference between broad and narrow lighting and which do you use to make a person appear thinner?”

The biggest issue with my profession is the the new photographers coming into it often do not take the time to learn the technical aspects of photography. If you do not know what the exposure triangle is, then before you call yourself a professional and start to charge for your services, learn what it is and how it affect your images. It is actually very important.

On my Facebook page it comes up with a lot of the local professional photography pages so I get to have a look at a lot of them. There are some amazing photographers out there, taking incredible images. There are a lot though, that have no idea about lighting and how to use it. It is one of the frustrations of professional photography because this lack of lighting ability is now becoming the accepted standard by the public.

As a profession we need to lift the standards and maybe have a benchmark for what is considered a professional standard photograph. The AIPP try to provide this but with 97% of professionals electing not to joining such organisations, we are fighting a losing battle.