Tom – Rugby Union, Cricket and Rowing.

Tom – Rugby Union, Cricket and Rowing.

ls:  This week’s sporting profile is Tom Smith.  Tom is another high achieving sportsman across a range of sports. While we did the shoot for his main sports in Rugby union, cricket and Rowing, Tom has also achieved in other sports like water polo and basketball. Currently attending Ignatius Park College in grade 11 where he is active in their rowing program.
Welcome to our studios Tom & Deb and thanks for your participation. What sports do you play and which is your favourite?
ts: Rugby Union, Cricket and Rowing
ls: What clubs do you currently play for?
ts: Brother Rugby Union and Cricket and IPC rowing.
ls: What position do you play?
ts: No 8.
ls: How many years have you been playing?
ts: Started when I was 8
ls: Who is your sporting hero?
ts: Scott Higginbotham (Melbourne rebels No8 and blind side flanker in the Super 15’s)
ls: How did you get involved in these sports?
ts: My parents wanted me to play a team sport and my friends did rowing so I joined in.
ls: What rep honours have you achieved?
ts: In Rugby Townsville 2011-2013, QLD Country in 2011, ARU Gold Under 17 in 2013. Cricket Townsville 2010, North Queensland 2012
ls: How much time is involved?
ts: 30 hours or there about.
ls: that is a lot of time, you would need to be very organised to get it all done while staying ahead in school. What is the best part of playing the sport?
ts: The feeling when I succeed at something I had not yet done.
ls: What is the worst part of playing the sport?
ts: The physical and mental exhaustion.
ls: What is your favourite event?
ts: Rowing State Championships.
ls: Why did you play these sports?
ts: They involve relying on friends to form a good result.
ls: What is your biggest accomplishment in your sports?
ts: Being able to perform exceptionally at all sports.
ls: What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
ts: Maintaining a strong mental attitude and a strong work ethic.
ls: What would be your ultimate achievement?
ts: To make national teams in all of these sports.
ls: How do you set your goals?
ts: I think realistically so that I can achieve them.
ls: What is the best advice you have been given?
ts: Live life to the fullest.
ls: Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
ts: As above.
ls: Where do you draw your inspiration from?  
ts: I draw inspiration from the hopes and achievements of those around me.
ls: What do you like to do in your free time away from your sport?
ts: Catching up with friends, Xbox.
ls: Do you have any pre-match routines?
ts: Chew on my mouth guard.
ls: Thanks Tom, good luck with your plans for the future.

ls: A few quick questions for Deb to get the parents point of view. Deb also has a high achieving daughter and is involved with Netball coaching so spends huge amounts of time going to a from training and games. Thanks for your time Deb, wondering how much time and driving is involved with travel and training?
ds: Lots
ls: Are there limitations on the number of sports that Tom can play?
ds: As long as there is balance and it all works.
ls: Are there benefits to them playing different sports?
ds: Rowing compliments his rugby and cricket.
ls: Are there difficulties in getting them to the sport and in getting them to practice and train?

ds: IPC helps with getting the boys to and from rowing and Rugby and cricket training are usually at the school.

ls: Do you enjoy going to the game?
ds: Always.
ls: Thanks for your time.

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