Sports Stars – Boston Mazlin (Basketball, Athletics, Touch, Oz Tag and maybe Aussie Rules.

Sports Stars – Boston Mazlin (Basketball, Athletics, Touch, Oz Tag and maybe Aussie Rules.

This weeks star is Boston. Boston can do it all, and at his age he is having trouble deciding what sport he really wants to pursue. He is outstanding at Basketball, Oz Tag, Touch and Athletics. Aussie Rules is interested because of his athleticism, yet through it all he has remained very grounded. It is an interesting balancing act that his parents go through with all the sports that he is involved in. That goes for all the parents we have interviewed so far, the balancing act of allowing the kids to pursue sporting ambition while still being active on the school front.

ls: What sports do you play?
bm: Basketball, Oz Tag, AFL, Soccer.
ls: What clubs do you play for?
bm: Whirlwinds Basketball, Black Hawkes Oz Tag and AFL Hawkes
ls: What position do you play?
bm: Point Guard. 
ls: How long have you been playing?
bm: 7 years
ls: Who is your sporting hero?
bm: Kevin Durant from the Oklahoma City Thunder
ls: What representative honours have you achieved?
bm: Oz Tag I’ve represented Townsville and Queensland and in Basketball, Townsville and North Queensland.

ls: How did you get involved in these sports?
bm: Both my parents played basketball.
ls: How much time is involved?
bm: Training 3 time a week and shoot everyday.
ls: What is the best part of playing sports?
Lauren: Team mates and the trips away.
ls: What is the worst part of playing sport?
bm: Long hours training.
ls: What was your favourite event?
bm: The Classics (Basketball), travel with the team and play for a week in tournaments.
ls: Why did you choose these sports?
bm: I chose basketball because my parents played it and AFL because my cousins play it
ls: What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport?

bm: Winning the under 12 basketball final and scoring 45 points.
ls: What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
bm: Shoot everyday and listen to coaches.
ls: What would be your ultimate achievement?
bm: To play for Australia and to go to college in the United States
ls: How do you set your goals?

bm: It depends on the tournament I am getting ready for.
ls: What is the best advise you were ever given?
bm: Play hard and have fun.
ls: Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
bm: You have to want to succeed more than you want to breath.
ls: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
bm: My Mum & Dad, they help me so much, without them I could not do what I do.
ls: What do you do in your spare time away from the sport?
bm: Train and video games.
ls: Do you have a pre-match routine?
bm: Stretch and shoot the ball.
ls: Anything else you would like to share?
bm: Thanks to all the coaches who have put time into me.

Bostons parents are both successful in their own right. I met Justin and Megan a few years ago while doing club photos for some of the Basketball clubs in Townsville. It was obvious that Justin had a love of photography similar to mine, so we have spent a lot of time taking cameras and action photography. Every time Boston is playing a sport, there is Justin with his camera trying to capture the perfect image.

ls: Thanks for bringing Boston in for today’s shoot. How much time is spent driving and attending training and game days?
jm: We live close by so not much time in travel. Boston trains about 9 hours a week.
ls: Is there a limit to the number of sports they can play?
jm: Yes, they have started to clash so a decision will have to be made to choose only a few sports soon.
ls: Are there benefits to them playing different sports?
jm: Getting to know a range of different people and dealing with those people. 
ls: Are there difficulties in getting them to play the sport and in getting them to practice and train?
jm: No, Boston enjoys training.
ls: Do you enjoy going to the games?
jm: Yes.

ls: How much impact does the cost of the sports have?
jm: It hasn’t yet, but as he gets older I’m sure it will start.
ls: Thanks for your time Boston and Justin, good luck in the future with you goals and ambitions. I have seen how hard you train so I’m sure you will do very well into the future.

I know that the background on the last image is not the Oz tag grounds, but you have to admit it is a spectacular background. This will be the last sports star for a couple of weeks, we are of to get background images. Please email the office if you are interested in participating in the project. We will get back to you.