Sports Stars: Lauren (Rowing & Netball)

Sports Stars: Lauren (Rowing & Netball)
Our week 3 sports star in Lauren, a student at Saint Margaret Mary College in Townsville. Leiden Studios has been fortunate enough to have know Lauren since she was very young and have watched her develop into who she is today.

ls: What sports do you play?
Lauren: Netball & Rowing.
ls: What clubs do you play for?
Lauren: Phoenix Netball and Saint Margaret Mary College Rowing.
ls: What position do you play?
Lauren: WD, GD, GK (Wing Defense, Goal Keeper and Goal Defense) & I row in 3 seat.
ls: How long have you been playing?
Lauren: 6 years netball and this was my first year of rowing.
ls: What representative honours have you achieved?
LaurenDiv 1 Townsville Netball 2012-2013, Div 2 TCNAI 2013. I won the under 14 single sculls rowing at the Queensland State Titles  earlier this year.
ls: How did you get involved in these sports?
Lauren: With netball, my mother started watching and encouraged me to join. With rowing my brother, Tom, had started the year before and I was determined to give it a try 
ls: How much time is involved?
Lauren: When both sports are going it is about 18 hours a week, only including the official training sessions.
ls: What is the best part of playing sports?
Lauren: The feeling that you have achieved something you never thought was you could accomplish.
ls: What is the worst part of playing sport?
Lauren:The worst part is making a mistake that affects the whole team.
ls: What was your favourite event?
Lauren: I loved the State championships because of the friends going and because of the bus ride and competition.
ls: Why did you choose these sports?
Lauren:I chose netball because it is fun and always challenging. I chose rowing because all my closest friends are also doing it and it’s an all round fitness sport.
ls: What is your biggest accomplishment in your sport?
Lauren: Winning the under 14 single skulls at the QLD State Titles.
ls: What one or two things do you currently do in your training that are keys to your success?
Lauren: Always pushing how hard I can go, how strong I really am.
ls: What would be your ultimate achievement?
Lauren: My ultimate achievement would be to win the under 15 single scull for Queensland and maybe to go to the nationals, eventually.
ls: How do you set your goals?
Lauren: I set my goals with small distances so that I can have something to look forward too.
ls: What is the best advise you were ever given?
Lauren: YOLO (You only live once).
ls: Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by?
Lauren: Life is not measured by how many breaths that you take, but by the moments that take our breath away.
ls: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Lauren: My Family.
ls: What do you do in your spare time away from the sport?
Lauren: watch movies.
ls: Do you have a pre-match routine?
Lauren: I talk to myself coming up and crack my right thumb.
ls: Anything else you would like to share?
Lauren: Not at this stage.

After the first couple of interviews we were getting quite a variety of responses. We also had a range of parents asking what the requirements were to be included in this project with a couple not being able to go to representative sides due to a variety of reasons. So we though we get get a bit of feed back from the parents as well.

ls: Thanks for your time deb and for bringing Lauren in for this shoot. How much time is involved  with travel to training and to compete?
Deb: The bus takes Lauren to school, but for the rest about 2 hours a week with pick ups and drop offs.
ls: Is there a limit to the number of sports they can play?
Deb: Not really as long as there is a balance with their sport and school work.
ls: Are there benefits to them playing different sports?
Deb: the diversity of friends and the different muscle groups that it works. 
ls: Are there difficulties in getting them to play the sport and in getting them to practice and train?
Deb: SMMC helps with transport but netball we have tot drop off and pick up.
ls: Do you enjoy going to the games?
Deb: Always.
ls: Thanks for your time Lauren and Deb, good luck in the future with you goals and ambitions. As a rower I know how difficult and time consuming the sport can be, so good luck defending the title next year.

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