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With the advent of Facebook, yes it took us a long time to actually start using it, a lot of our actual photographs are now posted on that site instead of this blog. With this in mind we have decided to use this site more as a educational site to show what we do and more importantly, how we do it.

There are a lot of photographers out there, many are fantastic at what they do, many have an incredible eye for detail or creativity and produce some stunning results. Unfortunately there are a lot out here that start by getting one of the modern hi tech cameras and start taking photographs. Some of these take good photographs and decide it might be a good way to earn some extra money, so they turn “pro”.

There is a lot more to photography than setting the camera to P and firing away, and this is the problem that is common in Professional photography. A photographer needs to have the basic technical knowledge to be able to shoot in all conditions, they need the equipment to be able to shoot in all conditions and be creative enough to work with whatever is in front of them.

By basics I mean getting the knowledge to understand f-stops, shutter speeds and ISO. How they interact and how they can be used to produce stunning images that simply do not need huge amounts of Photoshopping to get the result. How to see light and use it to it’s best effect and how to work with the people being photographed.

We hope that you find our articles helpful, and if you disagree with comments by all means let us know.

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Leiden Studios.