Michael & Marina

One of the exciting projects to come out if the year was to take our engagement shoots and go a little further with them. Thanks for this goes to Phil & Nicole who had the idea of a 50’s style shoot as something different. Enter Michael and Marina, absolutely stunning couple who also came with a very different idea. Unfortunately you will have to wait until after the wedding to post those photos. However some of their photos were stunning and showed the conection that they have with each other. Thanks to Michael and Marina for their effort, again much fun was had by all. I like the idea of a theme for any shoot as it adds a bit to the look of the image and it actually helps with the process of the shoot. With kids especially if you can bring props along, being toys that the kids love or “rugy” it all helps with the relaxation and how the kids respond. Here are some of the photos from Marina & Michael. Please enjoy.

Really looking forward to your wedding, it is going to be a fantastic day. Come on November.
Would like to thank both Kellie and Kelly for their input on this shoot. Any comments welcome.