Hailey & Clinton Portrait shoot

We posted one of Hailey and Clinton’s images on “Facebook” and got such a good response, we thought we would put a few more up. Hailey and Clinton wanted the shoot at the Brewery in Townsville and the Rhino Bar where Clinton is a chef. We love the Brewery, it has the best beer in Townsville and has some of the best lighting as well. Soft light is what portraiture is all about and in Townsville this is difficult as it is often very harsh, especially during the middle of the day. A lot of our portrait shoots are done later in the day, just as the sun sets for this reason.

The Rhino Bar in Palmer Street, Townsville was a new experience for us, we had not photographed in there before. A little artificial light in the form of a video light and we produced some stunning results. The back light wall produced some interesting effects and required a little fill or reflected light to fill in the shadows. Clinton & Hailey has a bit of fun and got to be models for an hour or two.

Thanks to both the Brewery and the Rhino Bar, your facilities are fantastic, we love coming to your buildings to photograph. For enquiries about portraiture or wedding photography, please give us a call during office hours.