Team Photography

Team photography is not as easy as you would believe. You need people management skills, organisational skills and have a good technical and artistic knowledge about what you are trying to do. Things like position of the sun, background, numbers of rows, numbers of people in each row and the actual body position of the people in the photo are all important. How are you going to place the people into the photo, how are you going to check spelling, how much post production is required are all the different problems that need to be solved to provide a great photograph. All of these factors take time to develop and if you do not know basic photography, you will never get a good photograph.

Leiden Sports Images takes over 500 team photos a years so we are good at it. We have systems in place that allow us to take, process, print and post 100 teams for the QLD State Netball Championships. Photos are taken over two and a half days and all prints are posted within 3 weeks. We have worked with QLD Water Polo, Netball, Volleyball, Australian Volleyball, Western Lions Junior Rugby League and many others. We are very happy that Brothers Junior Rugby League will be using our services this year and we are looking forward to a long association with the club.

Here are a few from last year:

If you or your organisation has any questions about our team and action photography, please give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to answer any question and advise on availability.