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Sports Trader Card Photography: Part 1

We’ve all seen them, they have been around since I was a kid. Sports cards or trader cards are integral in growing up following rugby league or AFL. In my day, we used to collect the NRL cards from the teams that played in the NSW Rugby League competition and we traded them between friends. You might end up with two Steve Mortimer cards so you swapped one for a Perter Sterling card, trying to complete the set for the different clubs. They were fantastic, collectable and, in the US especially, can be quite valuable if you get the right one . Shooting Star Sports Cards allows you to produce your own sports cards for your young sporting superstars. You can take your own images, go to the Shooting Star Sports Card web site, upload your images, one front and one back. Enter the players details and order. Sounds easy, but the quality of the cards will always come back to the quality of your images. So how do we get the best images for the cards? Image size: Trader cards are not very big, about the size of playing cards, and the images are usually smaller still, though not always. So the image does not need to be massive. However is does need to be hi definition. So what does that mean?  Digital images are made up of pixels or lots and lots of little squares. How many of then are packed in dictates what the image can be used for. In photography, there are two types of images used, low resolution are images that are used in social media... read more

Event Photography

Just going through some old images and came across these. Leiden Studios covered the 2008 Suncorp North Queensland games. We were still relatively new to the game back then and the camera technology has certainly come a long way since. What do we... read more

Week 9: Josh Spiers

ls: After a bit of a break we are back to feature our sporting superstars. This week we have Josh Spiers from the Cannons Basketball Club. ls: What sports do you play? js: Basketball & a little golf. ls: What clubs do you currently play for? js: Cannons. ls: How many years have you been playing? js: 12 years.ls: What position do you play?js: Shooting guard and small forward. ls: How did you get involved in these sports? js: My brother started playing when I was 2 so I had to go to training with him and I used to like bouncing the ball from a very young age. I did terriers at TBI and then started playing when I was 6ls: What rep honours have you achieved? js: u12- u18 Townsville heat, Northern School Basketball u12 (07, 08) Qld School Basketball (08) Northern School Sport u15 (10,11) Honary Qld Team (11) Northern Open School Basketball (12,13) Qld School Basketball (13), U16 Qld North (11) u18 Qld North (12, 13) u20 Qld Team (14), Townsville Crocodiles Sharp Start. QBL Townsville Heat. ls: Ok you have achieved a lot in a short space of time, that is an impressive CV. How much time is involved? js: Training every day for at least an hour or so and anywhere up to two hours. Sometimes I have multiple sessions a day. ls: What is the best part of playing the sport? js: The best part about basketball is just the game itself. It lets you play with friends and makes me feel good about myself. I could be having a bad day and as soon as I... read more